Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Teen Acne

As true now as it was in the past, acne is a struggle for many a teenager.   Acne can hurt physically as well as emotionally.   Quite a few young people have come to talk with us recently, because their acne has been very difficult for them and has sabotaged their self confidence.    The same question comes up from every parent, what can we do to help?  What products really work?  Should my child have a microdermabrasion facial and will it make a difference?

The first thing to think about is that each person's chemistry is different.   It's important to get to know your own skin.   The suggestions we are offering here provide advice for a simple program, utilizing some tried and true ingredients.   We have seen some wonderful results, but everyone is different, so keep that in mind if you are trying any of the products listed.  Second, yes, exfoliation through microdermabrasion has shown some fantastic results and can help your skin achieve its healthiest state. 

If you are ready to try microdermabrasion, my first piece of advice is to start searching for a groupon.  Many dermatologist offices and skin treatment spa's offer fantastic groupons for a series of microdermabrasion, making the treatment affordable.  This will also give you a consultation with a licensed aesthetician; this is a great opportunity for your teen to learn about their skin.  NOTE:  If you are already seeing a dermatologist, be sure to ask them first if microdermabrasion is compatible with any medication you are on or see if they offer the procedure. When under a Dr.'s care it's important to always consult them first prior to any changes in routine.   

Now, which tried and true ingredients work and what steps should I take? *Here is a simple AM and PM program to try, that we have found shows good results for most teens.   

Step 1. Gently wash your face with a GEL cleanser, such as Cynergy Purifying   Cleanser or Neutrogena Gel cleanser with Salicylic Acid.   

Step 2. Apply a non comedogenic, oil free moisturizer with an SPF (you still need      moisture) such as Jack Black Daily Moisturizer or Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Oil free

Step 1.  Gently wash your face with same GEL Cleanser 
Step 2.  Apply a Salicylic Acid spot treatment to affected areas such as Jack Black Clear Complexion or any topical medication your physician has prescribed. 

Be sure to drink lots of water everyday so that your skin is hydrated.   A green tree spritz, may also help calm the skin.  Brew green tea, then pour into spray bottle and place in the fridge to get cold.   Once cold, spritz skin in the evening or any time your skin feels inflamed.

For tough acne cases, this is where you will add in the microdermabrasion.   Your aesthetician will recommend what series is best for your skin after your initial consultation; however, an every 10 day to 2 week treatment for a total of 4 treatments will usually do a wonderful job. 

Check in next week, we are going to blog with before and afters of a specific case, so you can see results.

*Please note:  We are not physicians nor offering these suggestions as any sort of prescription or guarantee of results.  These are personal observations and suggestions, based on experience within the skin treatment industry and do not work for everyone.